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David Braley Research Institute, McMaster University/Hamilton Health Sciences

Project overview


Hamilton, ON




New Facility


162,000 sq. ft.

In association with

McCallum Sather Architects Inc.

Completion date



The David Braley Research Institute was designed with people in mind. The facility houses two renowned institutions for cardiovascular and thrombosis research, along with several clinical programs. Its location on the hospital campus provides easy access for researchers to study patients with cardiovascular diseases and related complications. The building integrates previously separate research programs under one roof, allowing for greater collaboration and multidisciplinary research from bench to bedside and beyond.

The design of the building was centred on the needs of the researchers and staff. A central light-filled core divides the building, with labs and offices located on opposite sides of the same floor. Bridges connect the two halves, and these areas serve as interaction spaces for researchers to meet, socialize and communicate. The transparent work environment allows for constant views of the surrounding areas and natural light, contributing to laboratory safety and enhancing awareness and communication among staff.


David Driscoll

Senior Associate

David Brown

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The design of the building promotes a collaborative environment that supports the needs of researchers and staff, with a focus on enhancing multidisciplinary research and providing a safe and comfortable workplace.


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