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Surrey Memorial Hospital, Critical Care Tower

Project overview


Surrey, BC




New Facility/Renovation


400,000 sq.ft.

Completion date

Phase 1 Emergency Department – July 2013

Total project completion – February 2014


Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH) stands as the largest acute care facility in Fraser Health, with more than 450 acute care beds and the busiest emergency department in the province. As a pivotal healthcare hub, SMH currently serves the community of Surrey and the broader South Fraser area, offering a comprehensive range of primary, secondary, and selected tertiary-level services. However, with Surrey being the fastest-growing region within Fraser Health, there was a pressing need to enhance patient-centered care and foster community engagement. The ongoing expansion and redevelopment initiative at SMH signalled a monumental stride towards achieving these objectives. Upon completion, the project added 151 beds while streamlining the admission processes, ensuring patients receive timely care. Moreover, the expansion paved the way for future planning by integrating more academic space, facilitating enhanced medical training opportunities. The existing facility faced challenges stemming from outdated infrastructure, including space constraints, deficient storage facilities, and suboptimal layouts. By addressing these deficiencies, the revitalization efforts at SMH have cultivated a healthcare environment that prioritizes patient well-being, fosters community involvement, and accommodates the evolving needs of the region.

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SMH was committed to addressing deficiencies through a patient-centric approach, emphasizing the expansion of clinical and support spaces, improved storage facilities, and optimized departmental layouts. Through active community engagement, SMH aimed to create a healthcare ecosystem that reflects the diverse needs of its residents, ultimately building a healthier and more inclusive future for Surrey.


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