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Royal Inland Hospital

Project overview


Kamloops, BC


Phase 1, $417M

Phase 2, $72.7M


New Facility


Anticipated LEED Gold


301,389 sq. ft. (new), 62,430 sq. ft.

Completion date

Phase 1, Nov 2018 – Feb 2022

Phase 2, Sep 2020 – Oct 2026


The Royal Inland Hospital Patient Care Tower represents a transformative two-phase initiative aimed at elevating patient-centred care while fostering community engagement. Comprising a state-of-the-art nine-story patient-care tower and extensive enhancements to vital departments like emergency services, pediatrics, post-anesthetic recovery, and the morgue, this project is poised to redefine healthcare standards.

The integration of the new tower into the existing campus is highlighted by a visionary multi-story, skylit atrium designed by EllisDon. This space transcends mere structural necessity, evolving into an inviting indoor sanctuary that surpasses regulatory requisites, enhancing the hospital’s ambiance.

Phase 1 focuses on crucial areas such as Adolescent, Adult, and Geriatric Mental Health Inpatient units, Maternal Newborn/NICU, Surgical Suite, and a rooftop heliport. Phase 2 concentrates on bolstering Emergency, Morgue, Paediatric Inpatient, and PARR & Day Surgery facilities. Notably, WoodFirst elements feature prominently in both interior spaces and the exterior soffit cladding, complementing the welcoming entrance. With a commitment to sustainable architecture, the project sets its sights on achieving LEED Gold certification, reflecting the hospital’s dedication to responsible and eco-conscious healthcare practices. As the hospital advances, it remains deeply rooted in its pledge to prioritize patient welfare and serve as an integral, supportive force within the local community.

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The Royal Inland Hospital Patient Care Tower symbolizes a dedication to enhancing patient-centered care and promoting community engagement, the hospital focuses on holistic well-being and sustainable growth.


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