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David Brown

Senior Associate




Education, Healthcare, Research & Laboratory

The motivation to my work, particularly in lab design, is providing clients with a high-quality work environment that is efficient and adaptable for future equipment and process changes utilizing leading edge laboratory design components.


Dave, a senior architectural technologist at Parkin, plays a crucial role in guiding projects from initial design to construction completion. His expertise spans diverse architectural elements, encompassing detailed plans, elevations, building sections, and specialized focus on laboratory design.

Throughout the construction documentation phase, he meticulously oversees architectural detailing and facilitates seamless coordination between Parkin Architects and sub-consultants. In the construction phase, Dave rigorously reviews shop drawings and extends invaluable technical support. Notably, as the Senior Technologist within the laboratory design group, his meticulous attention to detail and extensive knowledge of laboratory intricacies significantly contribute to project excellence.

2014 American School & University, Architectural Portfolio Issue, Specialized Facility Citation I Outstanding Designs: Specialized Facility | Wilfrid Laurier University, Centre for Cold Regions and Water Science


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