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Sohail Akhtar

Senior Associate




Healthcare, Justice

Driven by an unwavering passion for social architecture, Parkin contributes to society by channeling creativity and dedication into every project. At Parkin we believe in the power of architectural building design to elevate communities and shape a more equitable future.


Sohail stands as a forward-thinking professional, deeply passionate and proficient in architecture and design. His extensive background spans diverse projects, encompassing new constructions, renovation redevelopments, and successful competitions.

A seasoned organizer, Sohail fosters an environment of respect and productivity, promoting seamless collaboration among all stakeholders, from user groups to sub-contractors.

His tenure in senior team roles across institutional, residential, and commercial projects, both domestically and internationally, reflects his leadership in design coordination, meticulous documentation, and effective construction contract administration. Sohail’s commitment to innovative design solutions and seamless project execution underscores his invaluable contribution to the industry.

2012 Design & Health International Academy Awards, International Future Health Project, Highly Commended, (in Association with Architecture 49) | Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg, Women and Newborn Hospital

2010 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence, (in Association with Architecture 49) | HSC Winnipeg, Women and Newborn Hospital

2016 Award Magazine, February, Page 59 | Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital


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