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Designing The Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

Parkin’s vision is to create environments that positively impact lives. We foster collaboration, partnerships, and the sharing of knowledge to build better communities.

The interior design for Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex (WMRC) focused on details to establish character for the complex’s diverse functions and users. Attention to combining practicality and functionality with innovation and ingenuity, to deliver highly effective and efficient design, resulted in long-term cost efficiencies, and feasible solutions.

Our interior design team share their insights to the WMRC interior design concepts. Read more

City of Waterloo Community Pavilion Opens

Parkin is delighted to have attended the opening of the new Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex Community Pavilion on September 20, 2022.

Age-friendly and environment-friendly (featuring an E-V charging station and rooftop solar panel system) design focuses on producing a welcoming, accessible, inclusive atmosphere, and creating a cross-generational community facility where people of all ages and abilities can gather. Read more