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Michael Murphy

By eba

I’m passionate about making a meaningful impact through my work. Continuously learning and innovating drives me to contribute to our projects’ success. Each day offers new opportunities to inspire my team, and I strive to share these experiences, encouraging hard work and enjoyment in our projects.

Jason Aylsworth

By BelievecoDev

I find inspiration in collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to tackle the diverse challenges unique to each project, striving towards achieving successful outcomes.

Greg Pattison

By eba

Architectural design is the thoughtful balance of art and technology. It’s the unique process that establishes certain parameters that create positive experiences which encourages human interaction, dialogue, and connection.

Rebecca MacDonald

By eba

At the core of our practice is people. I am passionate about designing healthcare spaces that support people to do their best work, and creating environments that promote health, wellness, and equity. Our design process is rooted in research, and I am fortunate to be part of a design team that truly believes in continuous … Continued

Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

By Juan Nieto

The expansion and renovation of the WMRC is more than just a construction project – it’s about creating a space that is welcoming, functional, and accessible to everyone in the community. The new gymnasium and support spaces were designed to meet the needs of athletes of all levels, while the renovated multi-purpose and pool change room spaces provide a comfortable and convenient experience for all users. But beyond functionality, the project is a reflection of the community’s values and identity, with each space within the WMRC designed uniquely to offer diverse experiences for its wide range of user groups.

Mario Pistone

By eba

Parkin’s work empowers people to create a better, more compassionate, and sustainable society through design that captures a collective, shared vision and the determination to make it a reality. Being able to use my curiosity, creativity and expertise in a way that positively impacts lives is a privilege that fuels my desire to be at … Continued

Lind Nyman

By eba

What motivates me is mentoring project team members to design buildings having the lowest energy consumption possible together with a carbon neutral footprint.

Laura Hann

By BelievecoDev

My passion for social justice through architecture is embodied in the work we do here at Parkin. We provide inclusive and equitable designs that support people in varying stages of life, including the most vulnerable, within all of the sectors we work in. It is a great pleasure to work with dedicated people who are … Continued

Paramount Fine Foods Centre

By Juan Nieto

Formerly known as the Hershey Centre, the Paramount Fine Foods Centre facility was meticulously designed to accommodate diverse interests and abilities. The facility offers a wide array of spaces, including a multi-purpose gymnasium, gymnastics centre, indoor sports fields, and inviting common areas.


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