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Mario Pistone

By eba

Parkin’s work empowers people to create a better, more compassionate, and sustainable society through design that captures a collective, shared vision and the determination to make it a reality. Being able to use my curiosity, creativity and expertise in a way that positively impacts lives is a privilege that fuels my desire to be at … Continued

Lind Nyman

By eba

What motivates me is mentoring project team members to design buildings having the lowest energy consumption possible together with a carbon neutral footprint.

Laura Hann

By BelievecoDev

My passion for social justice through architecture is embodied in the work we do here at Parkin. We provide inclusive and equitable designs that support people in varying stages of life, including the most vulnerable, within all of the sectors we work in. It is a great pleasure to work with dedicated people who are … Continued

York Regional Police #1 District Headquarters

By eba

The new #1 District Headquarters is a space designed with people in mind. The client and consultant groups worked closely together to ensure that the building exceeded the initial regional goals, going beyond just meeting the standards for LEED Silver and instead striving for the York Region 2031 carbon neutral mandate.


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