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South Niagara Hospital

By eba

The South Niagara Hospital (SNH) project represents a pivotal development in the healthcare landscape of Niagara Falls, Ontario, as it emerges as an integral component of Niagara Health’s comprehensive healthcare system. The hospital’s location ensures convenient access for residents across the region. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to centralize healthcare services from existing facilities, streamlining … Continued

Surrey Memorial Hospital, Critical Care Tower

By eba

Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH) stands as the largest acute care facility in Fraser Health, with more than 450 acute care beds and the busiest emergency department in the province. As a pivotal healthcare hub, SMH currently serves the community of Surrey and the broader South Fraser area, offering a comprehensive range of primary, secondary, and … Continued

David Brown

By BelievecoDev

The motivation to my work, particularly in lab design, is providing clients with a high-quality work environment that is efficient and adaptable for future equipment and process changes utilizing leading edge laboratory design components.

Paul French

By eba

A successful design is a product of collaborative inputs yielding a meaningful building solution that is both readily constructable and cost effective in delivering a facility in which all stakeholders realize positive benefits.

Sohail Akhtar

By eba

Driven by an unwavering passion for social architecture, Parkin contributes to society by channeling creativity and dedication into every project. At Parkin we believe in the power of architectural building design to elevate communities and shape a more equitable future.

Jason Aylsworth

By BelievecoDev

I find inspiration in collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to tackle the diverse challenges unique to each project, striving towards achieving successful outcomes.

Andrea Langham

By eba

“Following an education in sociology, I realized that there was a great opportunity for me to execute work with a purpose, while exploring my love for interior design. I recognized that design can contribute to the welfare and interest of the society it serves, and that one can in fact design to make a difference.”

Sonja Dimitrovska

By eba

Being engaged in the healthcare sector is rewarding and inspiring on many levels from engaging team work on planning the future of healthcare facilities with our clients to knowing that even a small corner of a new healthcare facility plays a role in how Canadians experience the provision of care. Be it a brief moment … Continued

Greg Pattison

By eba

Architectural design is the thoughtful balance of art and technology. It’s the unique process that establishes certain parameters that create positive experiences which encourages human interaction, dialogue, and connection.


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