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Joseph Brant Hospital

By Juan Nieto

The Joseph Brant Hospital (JBH) redevelopment project encompasses the construction of a new 7-storey, 400,000 sq. ft., 172-bed patient care tower and 120,000 sq. ft. of renovations to the existing buildings. The patient-centered project leverages the unique and bucolic location to improve the quality of care, with site organization and built form of the redevelopment designed to acknowledge the hospital’s location adjacent to Lake Ontario in the heart of Burlington’s waterfront area.

Kyle Basilius

By Juan Nieto

It is our job to be curious and to listen as we are not the holders of the perfect solution. It is the end users and how they plan to work and deliver care in their space that we as architects will enhance through design.

Kimberley Kennedy

By Juan Nieto

Architectural design to me has always been the bringing together of the arts and the sciences; pooling together creative ideas, testing solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Design is a process which collectively strives to positively impact people’s lives in their environments, communities, homes, or places of work.

Shane Czypyha

By Juan Nieto

Parkin’s approach to social architecture is centred around dedicated engagement with interest groups, program users, and rightsholders to build strong relationships and consider the community’s culture, history, and shared values. Through this we create spaces that foster connection, support, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging for all individuals in the community.

Claire O’Donnell

By Juan Nieto

Healthcare architecture represents the intersection of emotion and technology. Effective and empathetic design transcends brick and mortar, technology and sterility and allows us to focus on people, creating space that embraces the fears and hopes of patients, and enhances the lives of all users.

Richard Huot

By Juan Nieto

Our work touches some of the most vulnerable populations in our country. Whether it is a patient in a hospital, an inmate suffering from mental illness in a correctional facility, an elderly resident wanting to stay active and healthy and connected with family or children learning at school, they are all relying on the architecture … Continued

Munir Macci

By Juan Nieto

Good design is well thought out in its functionality and appearance. It serves its purpose, while keeping in mind the latest technology. And it ensures that it is environmentally friendly.

May Chow

By Juan Nieto

Design is a process of collaboration and communication of a solution that meets a specific need, improving functionality, and provides positive physical, psychological and social impact to the individual, community and the environment.

Robert Boraks

By Juan Nieto

All of Parkin’s efforts are solely focused towards supporting and improving the conditions of our communities and environment. The commonalities embodied in our facilities, be it a hospital, school, or correctional facility, reflect our responsibility to promote human dignity, empowerment and care for all.


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