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David Brown

By BelievecoDev

The motivation to my work, particularly in lab design, is providing clients with a high-quality work environment that is efficient and adaptable for future equipment and process changes utilizing leading edge laboratory design components.

Justin Leclair

By eba

Parkin’s ability to continuously expand and grow in their specialty sectors is truly motivating. Parkin’s work in healthcare and corrections continues to push the boundaries of design in very complex building types. Our work in other sectors such as in the High Arctic has provided an opportunity to explore extreme and remote environments where architecture … Continued

Peter Pitseolak High School

By Juan Nieto

The Peter Pitseolak High School project was driven by a user-centred approach that ensured the facility met or exceeded the functional requirements of the school programs. The team provided full architectural services, including schematic design, design development, detailed design, and contract administration. The building site was chosen to take advantage of the local topography and natural light, and the design was delivered using an iterative delivery model that focused on coordination and phasing to complete design and construction activities concurrently.

Richard Huot

By eba

Our work touches some of the most vulnerable populations in our country. Whether it is a patient in a hospital, an inmate suffering from mental illness in a correctional facility, an elderly resident wanting to stay active and healthy and connected with family or children learning at school, they are all relying on the architecture … Continued

Robert Boraks

By eba

All of Parkin’s efforts are solely focused towards supporting and improving the conditions of our communities and environment. The commonalities embodied in our facilities, be it a hospital, school, or correctional facility, reflect our responsibility to promote human dignity, empowerment and care for all.

David Driscoll

By eba

Quality architecture is simple, elegant and raises the spirits of those who experience it.

Mario Pistone

By eba

Parkin’s work empowers people to create a better, more compassionate, and sustainable society through design that captures a collective, shared vision and the determination to make it a reality. Being able to use my curiosity, creativity and expertise in a way that positively impacts lives is a privilege that fuels my desire to be at … Continued

Arvilligruaq Illiniarvik School

By Juan Nieto

Following a devastating fire that left the community of Kugaaruk with the loss of its only educational facility, the new Arvilligruaq Illiniarvik School was swiftly constructed within a remarkable two-and-a-half years, reinstating education for kindergarten through grade 12. Parkin, the architects behind the project, recognized the school’s significance as a vital community resource and approached design with this in mind.


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