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Royal Columbian Hospital

Project overview


Westminster, BC


Phase 2, $926M


New Facility


Anticipated LEED Gold


860,000 sq.ft.

Completion date

Phase 2, 2019-2025


The Royal Columbian Hospital Redevelopment is a landmark in British Columbia’s healthcare landscape, boasting a government-funded Phase 2 that redefines patient care and community service. The project involves demolishing existing structures to make way for a cutting-edge ten-story acute care tower, accommodating 350 beds catering to intensive care, cardiac care, and surgical patients. The Royal Columbian Hospital Redevelopment stands as a monumental testament to patient-centric care and community-oriented healthcare services.

Phase 2 introduces a state-of-the-art emergency department with added medical imaging facilities, maternity operating rooms, and a relocated rooftop helipad for improved accessibility. Phase 3, the project’s commitment to holistic healthcare, includes an upgrade and expansion initiative within the existing healthcare centre. Renovations envisage enhancing pivotal areas like the laboratory, pharmacy, medical imaging, diagnostic services, food provisions, and the morgue. The conversion of four-bed patient rooms into single or semi-private accommodations aims to elevate patient comfort and individualized care experiences. The redevelopment’s core mission revolves around patient well-being and community integration, using service-oriented architecture. By prioritizing advanced care infrastructure and tailored patient experiences, the Royal Columbian Hospital reaffirms its commitment to serving and supporting the local community, setting new standards for compassionate and inclusive healthcare delivery.

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The Royal Columbian Hospital Redevelopment prioritizes patient well-being and community integration through advanced care infrastructure and tailored patient experiences.


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