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Paramount Fine Foods Centre

Project overview


Mississauga, ON




New Facility


443,200 sq. ft.

In association with

ZAS Architects Inc.

Completion date



Formerly known as the Hershey Centre, the Paramount Fine Foods Centre facility was meticulously designed to accommodate diverse interests and abilities. The facility offers a wide array of spaces, including a multi-purpose gymnasium, gymnastics centre, indoor sports fields, and inviting common areas.

To ensure the community’s needs were fully met, the design team placed great importance on user-centred design principles. This approach was instrumental in creating a space that genuinely caters to the needs and preferences of the community.

Throughout the design process, the team worked closely with stakeholders to understand their requirements, ensuring that the resulting facility would truly serve the community. From the choice of materials and colours to the layout of each space, every decision was made with the end user in mind.

The result is a facility that not only meets the functional needs of its users but also reflects the unique character and values of the community. Whether it’s a place for families to gather and play, or a space for athletes to train and compete, the Community Sports Complex is a hub of activity and a true asset to the community.


Lind Nyman


Mario Pistone

Senior Associate

Michael Murphy

2023 Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards, Gold Award

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The facility was designed to provide a variety of spaces that cater to a wide range of interests and abilities.


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