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Sonja Dimitrovska

Senior Associate






Being engaged in the healthcare sector is rewarding and inspiring on many levels from engaging team work on planning the future of healthcare facilities with our clients to knowing that even a small corner of a new healthcare facility plays a role in how Canadians experience the provision of care. Be it a brief moment at the hospital or a long-term stay, Parkin’s work is part of their experience every day.


Sonja is an innovative and experienced healthcare and master planner. Her expertise spans document writing, institutional planning, and interior design in the healthcare sector.

Sonja’s wealth of experience allows her to understand not just the client’s needs, but their identity and values too as well. She places paramount importance on uncovering the essence of her clients’ vision for their future space, understanding their engagement with their environment, community, and diverse work cultures. Sonja’s commitment lies in distilling this core vision and aligning it with the client’s aspirations to create spaces that authentically reflect their identity and foster meaningful connections within their environment.


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