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Richard Huot






Education, Healthcare, Justice

Our work touches some of the most vulnerable populations in our country. Whether it is a patient in a hospital, an inmate suffering from mental illness in a correctional facility, an elderly resident wanting to stay active and healthy and connected with family or children learning at school, they are all relying on the architecture we design to help them have the best life possible. It is our duty and responsibility as social architects to give them the best environment possible.


Richard is an accomplished senior architect with a wealth of experience in both design and construction fields, spanning a diverse range of building construction and occupancy types. Richard is an innovator who has leveraged cutting-edge technologies, such as BIM software, to enhance building project outcomes for clients and the public. His exceptional ability to identify potential issues in building system designs has helped to avoid costly delays and errors.

Richard is a master collaborator who believes in bringing the consultant team and client group together to form the most cohesive design team possible on each project. Throughout his time at Parkin, he has played a key role in designing and delivering successful projects across a range of sectors, including justice, corrections, education, children’s treatment centres, LTC, healthcare, and Arctic.

2017-present Professor at Carleton University in the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism

2018 Project of Distinction in School Planning & Management, Education Design Showcase | Peter Pitseolak High School (formerly Cape Dorset High School)
2021 Global Future Design Award | Peter Pitseolak High School, Cape Dorset, Nunavut
2020 American School & University, August 2020, Educational Showcase Interiors Showcase, Outstanding Designs, Common Areas | Peter Pitseolak High School
2018 Project of Distinction, School & Management, Education Design Showcase |Cape Dorset High School, Government of Nunavut


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