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Rebecca MacDonald

Senior Associate

OAA Intern, EDAC




Healthcare, Recreation

At the core of our practice is people. I am passionate about designing healthcare spaces that support people to do their best work, and creating environments that promote health, wellness, and equity. Our design process is rooted in research, and I am fortunate to be part of a design team that truly believes in continuous learning. This commitment to innovation and collaboration with clients results in spaces that support staff, patients, and caregivers at all points of the care journey.


Rebecca advocates passionately for human-centred design, directing her expertise towards planning and crafting healthcare facilities that cultivate wellness and inspiration. She is dedicated to enhancing the healthcare experience for patients and staff through meticulous study of existing practices and seamless integration of innovative solutions, design elements, and processes.

With a unique background as both a client and a consultant, Rebecca brings invaluable insights to the strategic challenges faced by healthcare clients. Her exceptional ability to connect with clients and foster collaborative engagement among all project stakeholders is a testament to her proficiency. Rebecca has made significant contributions during critical project phases, including clinical planning and conceptual design across various DBFM projects during the RFQ and pursuit stages.


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