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Jason Aylsworth

Senior Associate





Healthcare, Justice, Recreation

I find inspiration in collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to tackle the diverse challenges unique to each project, striving towards achieving successful outcomes.


Jason Aylsworth stands as a dedicated architect committed to meeting and surpassing client expectations through thoughtful design. His expertise lies in collaborating with clinical planners and leading multidisciplinary teams across diverse healthcare departments. Jason’s meticulous attention to detail ensures the precision and constructability of contract documents, a crucial aspect in delivering accurate project outcomes.

During his tenure at Parkin, Jason has contributed significantly to intricate institutional projects. His keen interest lies in continual risk assessment, where he excels in evaluating and mitigating potential project challenges. Furthermore, Jason adeptly integrates the efforts of various consultants, ensuring a harmonious and cohesive approach throughout the project lifecycle. Jason’s steadfast commitment to client-focused design and his proficiency in strategic planning and managing complex projects exemplify his invaluable contributions to Parkin.


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