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Bernadette Morillo

By eba

Creating environments that positively impact lives.” Parkin’s vision echoes how I live my life – to be a socially responsible citizen. Collaborating and sharing, innovating for positive change, empowering people, cultivating meaningful relationships are values that we should aspire to. Parkin embodies this culture, and I am very happy to be a part of and … Continued

Tysa Thomson

By eba

My healthcare design love story is what drives me to work hard or the “heart work” that we do at Parkin. Creating a sensible design with a human-centred approach to dealing with emergent experiences, difficult situations, or problems makes it worthwhile and an achievement to be proud of.

Kyle Basilius

By eba

It is our job to be curious and to listen as we are not the holders of the perfect solution. It is the end users and how they plan to work and deliver care in their space that we as architects will enhance through design.

Shane Czypyha

By eba

Parkin’s approach to social architecture is centred around dedicated engagement with interest groups, program users, and rightsholders to build strong relationships and consider the community’s culture, history, and shared values. Through this we create spaces that foster connection, support, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging for all individuals in the community.

John MacSween

By eba

The greatest motivation for the work we do at Parkin is seeing the buildings we design in use by healthcare providers caring for patients on a daily basis. To watch hospital staff caring for patients in the spaces that we designed for that purpose is truly rewarding.

Cameron Shantz

By eba

Everyday I try to provide opportunities for our clinical users and the Parkin team to think about how they can deliver health services in an easier and more caring way.


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