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Greg Pattison

By eba

Architectural design is the thoughtful balance of art and technology. It’s the unique process that establishes certain parameters that create positive experiences which encourages human interaction, dialogue, and connection.

Rebecca MacDonald

By eba

At the core of our practice is people. I am passionate about designing healthcare spaces that support people to do their best work, and creating environments that promote health, wellness, and equity. Our design process is rooted in research, and I am fortunate to be part of a design team that truly believes in continuous … Continued

Brent Whiteley

By eba

I’m motivated by the opportunity to collaborate in creating unique and uplifting spaces.

Claire O’Donnell

By eba

Healthcare architecture represents the intersection of emotion and technology. Effective and empathetic design transcends brick and mortar, technology and sterility and allows us to focus on people, creating space that embraces the fears and hopes of patients, and enhances the lives of all users.

Munir Macci

By eba

Good design is well thought out in its functionality and appearance. It serves its purpose, while keeping in mind the latest technology. And it ensures that it is environmentally friendly.

May Chow

By eba

Design is a process of collaboration and communication of a solution that meets a specific need, improving functionality, and provides positive physical, psychological and social impact to the individual, community and the environment.


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