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Justin Leclair

By eba

Parkin’s ability to continuously expand and grow in their specialty sectors is truly motivating. Parkin’s work in healthcare and corrections continues to push the boundaries of design in very complex building types. Our work in other sectors such as in the High Arctic has provided an opportunity to explore extreme and remote environments where architecture … Continued

Kimberley Kennedy

By eba

Architectural design to me has always been the bringing together of the arts and the sciences; pooling together creative ideas, testing solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Design is a process which collectively strives to positively impact people’s lives in their environments, communities, homes, or places of work.

Richard Huot

By eba

Our work touches some of the most vulnerable populations in our country. Whether it is a patient in a hospital, an inmate suffering from mental illness in a correctional facility, an elderly resident wanting to stay active and healthy and connected with family or children learning at school, they are all relying on the architecture … Continued

Robert Boraks

By eba

All of Parkin’s efforts are solely focused towards supporting and improving the conditions of our communities and environment. The commonalities embodied in our facilities, be it a hospital, school, or correctional facility, reflect our responsibility to promote human dignity, empowerment and care for all.


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