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Winner: World Design Awards 2022

We are pleased to announce that Parkin’s Red Fish Centre for Mental Health and Addiction project is a recipient of a World Design Award. This facility is arguably the first large, standalone, behavioural health centre dedicated to treating concurrent disorders of mental health and addictions. Client stays are longer than at other treatment facilities, providing more time to understand the roots of addictions through conventional counselling and various types of therapy including music, art, and physical activities.

The Centre focuses on recovery, trauma reduction, family therapy, and First Nations culture. The modernized facility includes green spaces, natural light, and private rooms for patients and therapeutic staff. The centre is divided into seven coed units, each having 15 private bedrooms, in which clients are placed according to their stages of recovery.  Unique, partially operable, patient windows allow fresh air without posing personal harm. Combined features and programs allow clients to gradually transition from care back into their communities.

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Well done team!

Parkin Team

John MacSween

Shane Czypyha

Pieter Wansink

Mary Chernoff

Alex Han

Laura Martin

Kia Sadri

Farzad Kalantari

Katherine Kim

Jan Go

Marian Toft

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