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Why Parkin Is Not Like Other “Architects Today”

We recently read an article posted on in which the author writes about why she left the architecture profession, claiming it comes down to the notion that “architects today just don’t listen to people’s needs.”

We understand our industry has its fair share of “starchitects” who are more interested in achieving the visual “wow-factor” than they are concerned about improving a building’s level of efficiency or making it a safer place for people to work and visit.

But that’s not what we’re about at Parkin. And it’s not what many of the other architectural firms with which we partner are about either.

At Parkin, we’re practical; we design things that work. At the same time, our innovative and imaginative designs have also won us many awards for style. But our priority lies in personalizing the design experience for clients, and maintaining a hands-on approach to projects.

We listen. We sit down with our clients and decipher their needs, and then we answer to these demands. Our outstanding teams, integrity, proven practical approach, top-tier cost control and global insight enable us to deliver designs that reflect the unique needs and priorities of our clients.

Promoting mutual trust, we address the full scope of a facilitiy’s operational requirements, from technology and space needs to optimizing everday movements, as well as employee wellbeing and productivity.

At Parkin, our clients’ needs always come first. Our clients hire us because of our passion for delivering truly meaningful services. We love what we do, and our clients love it too.

Surrey Memorial Hospital

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