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Transparency and Visibility in Lab Design

By David Driscoll, Director, Parkin Architects Limited

When creating an attractive and functional working laboratory environment, the benefits of strategically placed, glass walls are significant. Transparency encourages interaction among building occupants, introduces beneficial natural light, and supports safety by allowing visibility into labs that may be occupied by a small number of occupants on nights and weekends.

The dissolving of physical barriers inspires evolution of the workplace mentality. Visual connectivity, along with the passage of light, increases the perceived scale of a space and generates a stronger link to the building’s life. This helps promote a sense of community and a busy exchange of ideas.

Occupants and visitors are treated to inspired diversions and creative interactions. Diverse groups will be encouraged to share ideas and develop new collaborations. In addition, the infusion of natural light and the thoughtful use of transparency in strategic locations are transformative and engaging.

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