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Support during the COVID-19 Crisis

The construction industry continues to explore ways to support those battling the COVID-19 crisis. Parkin is excited to be a part of a team that has brainstormed ideas to provide a series of portable testing centres.  Staff from WZMH and Camillion Corp, Quasar Consulting Group, Loring Consulting Engineers Inc., Stephenson Engineering Ltd., and Parkin Architects Limited dedicated their personal time to develop concepts for cost- and energy-efficient portable/prefabricated virus testing centres (PVTC).  PCL Construction reviewed the concept and provided valuable insight on constructability and technical issues.  The team reached out to Microsoft to discuss the technical components, including sensors and cameras to monitor body temperature, people-counting, and a host of other solutions that would be supported by Microsoft Azure TM. The first of the units will be completed shorty.

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