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StopGap Celebrates Progress and Raising Awareness in Accessibility

Parkin recently attended StopGap’s evening of gratitude on April 3, 2024. The event honoured the impactful contributions of donors towards StopGap’s awareness-raising goals. It was a delightful occasion, fostering appreciation and community-building.

Parkin is proud to have supported StopGap in removing barriers, raising awareness, and advancing efforts to create more accessible spaces across Canada. Executive Director Luck Anderson and new Board Chair Ayesha Zubair opened the event with messages of gratitude, sharing stories of how donors have made a difference.

“Attending the StopGap celebration clearly confirmed that StopGap serves as a vital community builder, not only dismantling physical barriers but also combating the stigma surrounding people with disabilities. Through their school programs and advocacy efforts in the built environment industry, Luke and his team are creating a more compassionate and inclusive world. Spotting a StopGap ramp always brings a smile, serving as a reminder that together, we can cultivate a community of care.” -Anika Abdullah, Accessibility Advisor, Parkin

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