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Sakku School Addition and Renovations – Construction Start

A construction contract has been awarded to Arctic Fresh, partnered with Penn-Co Construction Ltd, for additions and renovations at Sakku School in Coral Harbour, Nunavut.  The team is excited to see construction start, following years of planning, design, and valuable community consultation sessions.

The facility comprises two parts: major renovations to, and expansion of, the existing school to modernize it for aK-12 curriculum, and the addition of a new Community Learning Centre for Nunavut Arctic College.

The work will be completed in phases to ensure that the school remains operational throughout construction. Expansion includes additions of a full-size gymnasium and three high school classrooms to support the current and future needs of the community.  Other improvements include provisions for a daycare, high school trades program spaces, as well as dedicated cultural and gathering areas.

Throughout the early stages of community engagements, the design team was encouraged to continue to explore the idea of ‘Qaggiq’ and its integration into the renovations and expansion.  The concept of Qaggiq offers new ways of seeing how Inuit-centred spaces can be created and supported toward communal well-being.

As the community’s one and only school, its central space was the student commons, which has been redeveloped to include the concepts identified at the community engagement sessions. Additional concepts and interior spaces were further explored throughout reprogramming and expansion to meet the community’s needs. The major benefit of the renovated school is its after-hours ability for use by students, staff, and the community.  Significant for education and traditional teachings offered are the gathering spaces, multi-purpose rooms, trades areas, and gymnasium.

As construction progresses, the community will witness a welcome transition of the facility―marking a significant step in education, renewal, and the future for Coral Harbour’s youth.

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