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Royal Inland Hospital

Royal Inland Hospital (RIH), located in Kamloops BC, is one of two tertiary referral hospitals in Interior Heath.  RIH offers high-level, specialty medical care including core physician specialties, 24-hour emergency and trauma services, ambulatory and outpatient clinics, and diagnostic services.

The new Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Tower at RIH opened in the summer of 2022 with a new main entrance and modern hospital tower with staff and services such as obstetrics, neonatal intensive care, respiratory pulmonary function lab and bronchoscopy suite, mental health and substance use―adult and pediatric―surgical services, inpatient rehabilitation, medical, neurosciences and trauma beds.

Phase two of the project includes renovation and expansion of the emergency department, post-anesthetic recovery, and the morgue. The renovations have begun and are planned for completion in the fall of 2024.

Parkin is delighted to have worked with a great team at RIH and to hear that the users are pleased with their new facility and find it extremely functional, per the testimonials below.

The OBS and NICU unit gave me some amazing examples of how they as 2 departments have really come together as a team…by virtue of being co-located and sharing a staff room. One of these examples really affected positive patient outcomes, in the way both units were able to support a new unwell baby and a marginalized mom, to be successfully discharged after many weeks to a safe environment , both well and healthy! This is great work.”

Users noted, the new maternity triage assessment area- “this has been a game changer”. They are able to triage and care for patients in this space in a way they could not do before, they are providing many services in this space that support this patient population, they are not “misusing” LDR rooms which contributes to less room turnover and less cleaning. Labour patients are using the tubs, and they have had zero issues around this. It was great to visit and see the units.”

Genevieve Jochimski, Clinical Lead, Capital Planning and Projects.

This is a clear example of innovation and incorporation of best practices to produce a great design” Leslie Gamble, Director of Clinical Design and Operational Commissioning, Capital Planning and Projects, Interior Health.

Architects of record: Parkin Architects and Kasian Architects in Joint Venture (Phase 1)

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