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Report Finds LEED Growth Continues in Canada

Forty-four percent of survey respondents in the institutional sector expect to build green in the next three years.

As confirmed by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), the number of LEED registrations and certifications in Canada continues to grow in 2014, with a new total of 1,756 LEED certified projects in the country: 12 Platinum, 89 Gold, 85 Silver and 67 Certified.

“The Canada green building market is vigorous and growing,” reads the report, Canada Green Building Trends: Benefits Driving the New and Retrofit Market. Research was based on a quantitative industry survey of building owners, architects and contractors. Over half of the Canadian respondents (56 percent) said over 30 percent of the projects they currently build are green.

Motivations for Green Building in Canada

“Doing the right thing and client demand are the top triggers for increased green building activity in the Canadian market,” the report reads. The high client demand also demonstrates the broad awareness of the importance of sustainability in Canada, as clients and tenants encourage green investments. The high influence of ‘doing the right thing’ also presents strong implications for the most effective approaches in marketing green products and services effectively to Canadian practitioners.

The study found another critical factor influencing the growth of the green building market so far is the ability for green buildings to promote greater health and well-being in building occupants.

Operating cost savings are also listed among the top of the green building benefits, followed closely by the appeal of a higher quality building.

Benefits of Using a Rating System

The LEED rating system helps provide a common industry standard for green buildings. According to the report, “86 percent of owners find that better performing buildings is one of the biggest benefits of using a green rating system.” The use of a rating system assures owners that they will achieve the “level of building performance they need in order to see a better return on their green investment.”

Parkin LEED Projects 2014

We are persistently targeting LEED rankings for our design projects at Parkin. This year, the Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health obtained LEED Gold certification, as well as the International Mental Health Design Award and the 2013 Institutional Building Award. We are also targeting LEED certification for the Surrey Memorial Hospital Critical Care Tower and the New Oakville Hospital.

See our portfolio of projects with sustainable initiatives here.

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