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Red Fish Healing Centre for Mental Health and Addiction – Published in AWARD Magazine

Award Magazine featured Red Fish Healing Centre for Mental Health and Addiction in the March 2022 issue. As quoted in the feature, “The Red Fish Healing Centre for Mental Health & Addiction in Coquitlam, B.C. is so much more than a treatment facility: from the site on which it stands, its design, and the artwork inside, to its technology and systems, and innovative care model, the sensitive approach taken with each and every aspect of this project has resulted in an outstanding first-of its-kind healing centre that celebrates a highly unique model of care – one based on decades of research, experience, and expertise in treating the most complex forms of mental health and substance use relating specifically to this complex population.”

Parkin Principal, Shane Czyphya  is quoted saying, “The building reflects the beautiful natural landscape on which it sits. During the design development phase there was extensive design collaboration with representatives of Kʷikʷəƛ̓əm, which involved a terrific education on customs and artistic traditions of the people native to the site, such as cedar weaving, traditional Salish wool robes, and house post carving.”  In fact, everything about the design has meaning and purpose, while paying respect to the rich history of the site: “The main entry and lobby celebrate significant wood structural elements and stone, and is flanked by a stunning house post, carved from a 600-year-old cedar.”

To read more about this inspiriting facility and other team members’ insightful quotes, please click here.

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