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Providence Care Hospital – Progress, November, 2016

Work continues to progress on the exterior cladding, with mostly parapet flashing and key intersection details remaining to be completed. By day’s end, when most of the trades have departed, the main entrance façade is unveiled beyond a sea of parking.

Landscaping is nearing completion; the elevated exterior terraces await final cleaning, but provide solace to those admiring the beautiful backdrop that is Lake Ontario, at the foot of the St. Lawrence River. Work is ongoing around the forensics secure courtyards, as well as the cafeteria courtyard, and these areas should soon be as lush as the adjoining landscape.

The interior of the building continues to receive the finishing touches. Delicate finishes, such as decorative glazing, back-painted glass, and handrails on glass guards, are being installed in areas where most trades have vacated. The inpatient wing corridors are relatively complete, although access to these areas and above ceilings is still required for building systems commissioning. Views to the exterior are also provided from interior porches and quiet rooms. The donor wall has been installed and is ready to accept signage and donor recognition.

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