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Providence Care Hospital: A testament to a healing environment

Providence Care Hospital (PCH) leads the way in southeastern Ontario’s healthcare landscape, offering specialized services in mental health, rehabilitation, geriatrics, and more. Our groundbreaking facility, housing 270 beds, merges programs from two sites to create a unified hub of care.

Nestled beside Lake Ontario, PCH offers breathtaking views and a strong commitment to community integration. Our patient-centric design focuses on creating a home-like environment emphasizing ample natural light and panoramic views to enhance the healing process.

PCH combines compassionate care with innovative design, enriching the lives of patients.

Here’s what Ian Wilson, a former patient, had to say about his stay at PCH: There is no question in my mind that the positive environment at PCH helped my recovery. My room had views of the pathways from Lake Ontario Park, active walkers, runners, and dog walkers. All these elements contributed to a positive healing environment. The sunrise over Lake Ontario was inspiring to see everyday. Other views from my room as well as from the sunrooms at the end of the corridors were always uplifting.

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