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Promoting Positive and Enduring Social Change

Parkin promotes positive and enduring social change through the design of the facilities we create.  Not only are we strongly committed to understanding new developments in our project sectors, but we are passionate about our mission because we know that great design makes a difference.  Our staff are dedicated in the design of facilities that improve the lives of children and parents, as well as those who care for them.  This applies not only to healthcare facilities but also to our Justice work.

Our design of an addition to the women’s unit at the Provincial Correctional Centre in Miltonvale, P.E.I.  includes a visiting area where mothers can hold their children.  To foster this notion, we researched how children with incarcerated parents are affected by not being able to have a parent in their daily lives.  Without support, these children are more vulnerable to adverse outcomes ranging through dropping out of school, developing psychological disorders, and/or becoming a teenage parent.

Our research introduced us to Kids with Incarcerated Parents (KIP) Canada, (formerly Fostering, Empowering, and Advocating Together (FEAT) for Children, founded in 2011).  This organization supports the under-served needs of children affected by parental incarceration.  Parkin has committed to being a contributor to this foundation and will be supporting its upcoming events and activities.

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