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Progress at Bayers Lake

The Bayers Lake QEII Community Outpatient Centre will offer several services that do not require a hospital setting. Those potential services may include an initial visit with a specialist, post-surgery or post-treatment follow-up, blood collection, and X-rays.

100% Contract Documents was issued on June 21, 2021. Substantial completion is scheduled for August 2023.

The new Community Outpatient Centre will include:

  • QEII Eye Care Centre
  • Primary care services
  • 17 examination rooms
  • 24 dialysis stations
  • Diagnostic imaging, including x-rays, ultrasounds, and bone density
  • Blood and specimen collection
  • Post-surgery or post-treatment follow-up appointments
  • Orthopedic assessment clinic and rehabilitation
  • Medical/surgical clinics, including endocrinology, ENT, internal medicine, GI, plastics, respiratory clinics


In November 2020, a value for money or VFM analysis for the Community Outpatient Centre project was completed. The results of the report support the selected delivery model and confirm that the project will realize the maximum benefits possible for all Nova Scotians.

The EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare team (EDIH) comprises industry leading firms including EllisDon Capital (Developer and Equity Investor), EllisDon Corporation (Design Builder), Parkin Architects / Fowler Bauld & Mitchell (Architects), and EllisDon Facilities Services (Service Provider).  Parkin is proud to be a part of this winning team.

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