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Parkin’s Friday Morning Breakfast Session Explored: The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Architecture!

We are thrilled to announce the kick-off of our highly anticipated series, “The Future of Artificial Intelligence.” Our first session was dedicated to the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in architecture. Parkin Associate, Shannon Wright, dove into the possibilities and implications of AI in the realm of design. This important topic has been generating global discussions around the opportunities AI brings, as well as considerations regarding morality, job security, and government accountability.

During this session, we took a high-level look at the current state of design and then dove into the future of AI in design. The discussion included groundbreaking programs and algorithms that utilize vast amounts of data to enhance problem-solving capabilities.

While exploring the impact of AI on the industry, we also examined the potential changes in workflows, job landscapes, and communication among designers and clients. Interestingly, studies suggest that architecture is at low risk for AI job replacement, bringing positive news to the industry.

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