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Parkin’s Design Studio’s very own Project Runway Design Charette

Our Vancouver office’s Parkin Studio recently hosted another exciting design charette, focusing on an innovative exercise to create new garments from unconventional and recycled materials. The staff contributed gently used garments, which were later donated to Vancouver General Hospital.

Four teams unleashed their creative talents to craft garments inspired by individual themes, each paired with a related song that best suited their design. The themes were Renaissance, Brutalism, Gothic, and Futuristic.

The exercise followed this structured guide:

Read Your Theme: Carefully read your theme and discuss as a team which characteristics of this style you want to incorporate into your new design.

The Sketch: All great fashion starts with a sketch. As a team, use the provided paper doll to design the garment inspired by your theme.

Imagine Your Design: Choose a model to wear your garment and create an iteration of your inspired design.

Pick a Song: Select a song that resonates with the vision you have for your new garment.

Share Your Creation: During your runway walk, showcase your inspired garment to the other groups. Discuss your inspiration and the creative process of your team.

This creative and collaborative event not only fostered teamwork and innovation but also supported a good cause, highlighting the talent and generosity of Parkin Studio’s Vancouver team.

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