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Parkin Studio – Reimagining PLAY in Pediatric Inpatient Settings

Parkin’s Design Studio in Toronto recently hosted a noteworthy event to ring in 2024: A Potluck – Design Charrette for “Reimagining PLAY in Pediatric Inpatient Settings.” Recognizing the evolving nature of childhood and its impact on play, especially for children in hospital settings, Parkin Studio facilitated a dynamic event, inspired by a session attended at the 2023 Healthcare Design Conference + Expo, Reimaging Play in Pediatric Care Settings, crediting Healthcare Design for their inspiration.

The event began with an enlightening presentation, featuring insights from child life specialists nationwide, shedding light on the changing landscape of play in healthcare. With inpatient rooms increasingly becoming focal points for play, it became evident that these spaces often fail to adequately address the social, emotional, and well-being needs of young patients.

Participants engaged in a hands-on design charrette, tasked with reimagining play within inpatient settings. Emphasizing the importance of viewing the space through the eyes of a child, attendees collaborated to conceptualize spaces that cater to diverse patient abilities, ages, and neurodiversities. Parkin’s Design Studio’s initiative aimed to foster environments that prioritize play as a fundamental aspect of pediatric care, ensuring that hospitalized children receive the support they need for holistic healing and well-being.

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