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Parkin Studio – Reimaging Spaces to Create Immersive Environments

The Parkin Vancouver Design Studio recently hosted a dynamic Design Charette focused on Re-imagining spaces to create Immersive Environments, yielding innovative ideas to transform community and healthcare settings. The teams delved into the process of examining empathy, process, ideation, and subsequently showcasing their prototype. Each team accompanied their takeaways with a song that resonated with the space, merging music and design seamlessly.

One team, embracing remote collaboration, embarked on a mission to revitalize traditional morgue and preoperative areas into vibrant, comforting spaces while adhering to safety standards. Their vision integrated color, comfort, and life-affirming elements, aiming to uplift patient experience and well-being. Challenges such as square footage optimization and IPAC standards were met with strategic solutions, including multifunctional furniture and clear communication channels with health authorities.

Another team tackled the mental health patient lounge, harmonizing unity and cohesiveness through thoughtful design. By strategically placing care team stations and incorporating anti-ligature furniture, they created a safe and positive space for individuals seeking support.

Lastly, the redesign of Vancouver’s Robson Square aimed at increasing vibrancy, pedestrian flow, and community engagement. Through the integration of vibrant colors, greenery, and recreational spaces, the project not only addressed environmental concerns but also fostered a sense of belonging and well-being within the community. These endeavors exemplify the power of design to enhance spaces, enrich experiences, and promote well-being.

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