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Parkin Studio: Ottawa Design Charette

Parkin Studio’s Ottawa office recently hosted an electrifying design charette, centered around the theme ‘Reimagine the Office.’ Led by students, this creative event challenged teams to break free from traditional office designs and explore quirky, imaginative concepts.

Here are some standout themes that sparked innovation from each team:

Time Traveler HQ: Journey through different eras with unique spaces reflecting historical periods.

Crystal Clear Office: Embrace transparency with sleek, open designs using transparent materials.

Steampunk Office: Dive into a world of brass fixtures, vintage machinery, and retro-futuristic gadgets.

Magical Academy Office: Enchant your workspace with themed conference rooms, enchanted break areas, and whimsical decorations.

Other exciting themes included:

Urban Jungle: Office Tower: Transform your office with lush greenery and natural elements.

Interstellar Embassy Workplace: A futuristic hub for global collaboration with state-of-the-art technology.

Giant Treehouse Office: Multi-level, treehouse-inspired workspaces fostering community and collaboration.

Psychedelic Workspace Wonderland: Vibrant colors and bold patterns stimulating creativity and collaboration.

Underwater Office Oasis: Calming blue hues and wave-inspired designs creating a refreshing work environment.

The energy and enthusiasm from the teams were palpable, and the innovative designs showcased the incredible talent at Parkin Studio. We look forward to more inspiring events!

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