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Parkin Participates in Master of Community Planning Program

Parkin Associate, Melinda Lobo is making significant contributions to the Master of Community Planning Program at Vancouver Island University. As part of this two-year graduate program, Melinda teaches once a month, bringing her expertise and practical experience to the students.

The program includes Urban Design Certification courses, for which Melinda has developed six comprehensive topics that greatly enhance the students’ studio work. Her classes typically begin with a presentation, followed by breakout sessions where students can delve into specific topics. These interactive sessions culminate in group discussions, allowing participants to share and refine their ideas.

A unique aspect of Melinda’s teaching approach is the use of campus sites for practical exercises. Students walk around the chosen sites to visualize and propose improvements, which fosters a hands-on learning environment. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with students appreciating the chance to engage deeply with small site projects and benefit from Melinda’s in-person guidance, especially in Urban Design graphics.

In her most recent class, Melinda covered “Healthcare Planning 101,” providing a foundational overview of how healthcare architects approach planning and how these principles can be adapted to community planning. This session underscored the shared goal of enhancing community well-being through thoughtful planning and design.

We are proud of Melinda’s involvement in this program and her dedication to educating future community planners. Her contributions are helping to shape the next generation of professionals committed to improving our communities.

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