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Parkin Participates in Cornell University Research

Analyzing Human-Technology

Parkin is as an industry partner for this Cornell Research Lab with Dr. Saleh Kalantari, Director of the Design and Augmented Intelligence Lab (DAIL) at Cornell. His research group investigates human/technology partnerships in the design process, and the resulting opportunities for innovation and creativity.

Parkin Director, Robin Snell’s, research expertise stems from many years of working with Dr. Kalantari.  Robin collaborated with the Cornell University research team on their academic paper, A New Method of Human Response Testing to Enhance the Design Process, which has been issued for publication in academic journals.

To read more on the Design Augmented Intelligence Lab (DAIl) at Cornell University, please click here.

Evaluating Wayfinding Designs in Healthcare Settings through EEG Data and Virtual Response Testing

Dr. Saleh has recently submitted an article for publication to Environment and Behavior, an interdisciplinary design journal, to report rigorous experimental and theoretical work focusing on the influence of the physical environment on human behaviour (University of Washington, USA).  The article relates wayfinding difficulties and the co-relation to anxiety among patients, visitors, and improving operation efficiency for patients and staff.

Robin and Parkin healthcare experts assisted and provided input on the research design and base model for the host facility; the team is looking forward to the completion of the review process, followed by publication.  Stay tuned.

For a glimpse of the research, please click here.

Robin Snell has completed previous studies with Dr. Kalantari; to read more, please click on the following links.

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