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Parkin Participates at CHES BC Conference: Sharing Stories of Hope Amidst Disaster

We are excited to announce that Parkin Principal, Kyle Basilius, will be attending the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society’s 2024 BC Annual Trade Show & Education Forum in Whistler, BC on June 3rd. Kyle will join a distinguished panel alongside Meagan Webb from HH Angus and Troy Savage from Mazetti. Together, they will address the conference theme, “Stories of Hope Amidst Disaster,” with a compelling presentation titled “Preparedness Beyond Our Borders – Developing the First Response to an Infectious Disease Outbreak.”

This session will focus on INITIATE2, a groundbreaking project aimed at developing an Infectious Disease Treatment Module for the World Health Organization and the World Food Programme. The project’s objective is to create a rapidly deployable treatment module and a safe care environment, designed to serve as a first response for infectious diseases in their earliest stages, anywhere in the world.

Kyle and his fellow panelists are part of a dedicated team of volunteer engineers and designers working under the International Federation of Healthcare Engineers. They will share valuable insights from the development process and discuss elements that can be incorporated into future healthcare project mock-ups and testing in British Columbia.

We hope that you will be at the CHES BC Conference to hear these inspiring stories and learn more about the innovative work being done to prepare for and respond to global health emergencies.

“It is our job to be curious and to listen as we are not the holders of the perfect solution. It is the end users and how they plan to work and deliver care in their space that we as architects will enhance through design.” – Kyle Basilius, Principal, Parkin Architects Limited

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