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Parkin | COVID-19 | University of Toronto

As a continuation of his involvement with the University of Toronto—in a recent appearance at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design | Architecture + Health Studio—Parkin Director, Robin Snell, imparted Parkin’s experience in COVID-19 field hospitals and related facilities. Closely related to the course’s current curriculum, Robin’s presentation shared valuable information to assist grad students in their Covid-19 Walk-in Assessment Clinic project.

Parkin’s COVID19 experience includes:

  • Isolation room renovations
  • Screening facilities
  • Testing clinics
  • Field hospitals & treatment centres
    • tents
    • shell space
    • vacant facilities
    • hotels/student residences
  • Modular elements (e.g., staff interview screens)
  • Project COVID-19 design revisions (e.g., Emerg. Departments)


Parkin’s role as healthcare and lab advisors to WZMH and PCL for the groundbreaking Citizen Care Pods, as well as recent involvement with L’Hôpital provincial de Doba, Tchad (Chad), The World Health Organization and HH Angus, provided the audience with firsthand insight.

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