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Parkin a CIHF Mental & Behavioral Health Design Roundtable Participant

Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures is hosting its first roundtable with a specific focus on Mental and Behavioral Health Design. The impact of the physical environment on individuals with mental and behavioral issues has emerged as a topic of concern that has environmental designers thinking in new ways to develop a more sensitive approach to spaces that support the needs of these patients.

Parkin Principal, Lynne Wilson Orr will be a Mental & Behavioral Health Design Roundtable participant at the Cornell Institute for Health Futures (CIHF) on October 15-16, 2017.

Roundtable Chair: Mardelle Shepley, D.Arch, FAIA, Professor and Chair of Design & Environmental Analysis and Associate Director of Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures.

For a preview of the program summary, click on: 

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