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Milestone Celebration for Trillium Health Partners’ Redevelopment Project at The Peter Gilgan Mississauga Hospital

Parkin recently gathered its Trillium Redevelopment team to commemorate a significant milestone achieved for the expansive Trillium Redevelopment Project. This achievement, marking the completion of major milestone 2 out of 8 within the project’s timeline.

Undertaking a project as ambitious as the Trillium Redevelopment requires unwavering commitment and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Over the course of three years, the dedicated team has navigated challenges and milestones to bring the project closer to its vision. In appreciation of the Trillium team’s hard work, Parkin hosted a team luncheon – a small gesture that reflects the immense gratitude for their dedication.

The journey, which began in November 2022, is expected to shape the future of healthcare infrastructure as the project’s design phase continues into 2025. Beyond the construction and design aspects, this milestone celebration highlights the shared vision of progress and innovation in healthcare.

We anticipate celebrating other significant achievements in the near future.

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