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Light and Architecture

Research has demonstrated the positive influence daylight has on human health, specifically in terms of reducing depression, decreasing fatigue and improving alertness. Evidence-based design research indicates that patients get better faster and require less pain medication if the view from their window is to a landscaped area. You can see why natural light is such an important element in the design of healthcare facilities, not only for patients but also for the staff who work there.

From an architectural standpoint, lighting plays a critical role in all of the buildings Parkin designs. Studies have shown that the presence of windows in the workplace and access to daylight is linked to increased work satisfaction. Optimal lighting conditions are also important for boosting energy, improving performance and reducing errors.

Examples of how lighting is used in Parkin designs: 


“What we wanted to do in this case was put more [natural] light into patient rooms. By putting in a courtyard you can get light in from all corners.” – Dave Driscoll.

Providence Care Hospital

Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

Woodstock Hospital  

Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster Children’s Hospital    



Rankin Inlet Healing Facility 

County of Dufferin, POA Courthouse


Waterloo Recreation Complex

Editor’s note: this blog was originally published in December 2013 and has been updated with new projects.


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