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LEED Canada: A Fundamental Revolution in Institutional Design

Thanks to LEED certification, Canada is now celebrated as one of the most sophisticated green building markets in the world.

Recognizing the critical need to make our buildings more efficient, more green and more sustainable, Canada became the first international user of the LEED rating system back in 2002. The Canada Green Building Council recently announced the availability of LEED v4, setting even higher standards in assurance and transparency of design, as well as tenant well-being and employee productivity.

Regional Mental Health Care – St. Joseph’s Healthcare, London and St. Thomas

LEED Seal of Assurance

LEED has developed a wide-sweeping standard in energy modeling practice across the country, and is recognized as an international mark of achievement. It allows architects and engineers to work towards common goals – in terms of reducing environmental impact, creating a green economy and investing in the health of Canadians.

Green buildings are an integral point of differentiation. Being LEED certified means meeting rigorous standards in energy, water and waste reduction.

According to the Canada Green Building Council (GaGBC), since 2005 LEED Canada has driven:

  • Energy savings of 1,600,321 eMWh (enough to power 54,307 homes in Canada for a full year).
  • A 312, 006 CO2e tonne reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (which equates to taking 58,980 cars off the roads for a year).
  •  Water savings totalling over 3.3 billion litres (the equivalent of 1,336 Olympic sized swimming pools).
  • Recycling over 2 million tonnes of construction/demolition waste (which represents 639,642 garbage trucks).
  • Installing 100,239 sq metres of green roofs (an area the size of 66 NHL hockey rinks) to reduce the urban heat island effect and mitigate storm water flows in urban areas.

Parkin LEED Accredited Projects

At Parkin, we are persistently targeting LEED rankings for design projects. Our portfolio includes a number of projects with sustainable initiatives such as:

  • Providence Care Hospital (anticipated LEED)
  • Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation, Rehabilitation and ABI Building (designed to LEED Principles)
  • Parkin’s Ottawa Office (LEED Silver)
  • Regional Mental Health Care – St. Joseph’s Healthcare, London and St. Thomas (anticipated LEED)
  • Upper River Valley Hospital (LEED Silver)
  • Surrey Memorial Hospital (anticipated LEED)
  • Women’s Hospital Replacement Project (anticipated LEED)
  • Woodstock General Hospital (LEED Silver)
  • York Regional Police, Central Services Building (LEED Silver)


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