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Justice Facilities Review ’13: Jury Report on Rankin Healing Facility

We are thrilled to share comments from the jury at the AIA National Conference, where the Rankin Inlet Healing Facility in Nunavut Territory was named “most exceptional.”

Jury Statement 

“[The Rankin Healing Facility] excelled in expressing local culture architecturally and responding innovatively to challenging climatic conditions in a remote area.”

The jury was impressed with every aspect of this project, starting with a progressive and ambitious program of healing, tied to the Inuit concept that an offender has fallen out of balance with his or her community and that the task of the justice system is to correct that balance and reconnect the offender with both the natural order and society and culture. We were amazed that part of the program entailed supervised hunting (yes, with guns!) as part of the transition process.

All aspects of the design contribute to the overarching goals of renewal and reintegration and of keeping cultural values alive.”

Click here for the full Justice Facilities Review.

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