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Juravinski Hospital, Hamilton Health Sciences, Stem Cell Transplant Unit

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre (part of Hamilton Health Sciences) awarded Parkin the design of a Stem Cell Transplant Unit. The Centre is one of just three such facilities providing all forms of stem cell transplants to adult cancer patients in Ontario.

As Prime Consultant, Parkin was involved in all stages: initial functional programming, design development, construction contract documentation, tendering, and construction contract administration. Parkin directed the consultant team, prepared submissions for MOH approval, and negotiated with authorities having jurisdiction in securing approvals.

The new and existing rooms required careful and precise environmental controls for immune-suppressed patients and to meet the strict, sterile-room requirements within the new pharmacy clean rooms.

The first phase of the project for the stem cell unit reached successful completion in 2020, the second phase renovations to pharmacy will be completed in 2021.

Click here, to view photos of the Stem Cell Transplant Unit.

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