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Incorporating Research into OR Design Best Practices for Improved Workflow

The surgical suite represents one of the most complex and expensive hospital departments to design. Continual advancements in medical procedures and technological innovation, including the use of state-of-the-art imaging during surgery, are placing new demands on operating room (OR) setups. Today’s OR designers need to provide for an efficient staff workflow that promotes infection control, safety, and durability while also offering maximum flexibility to meet the needs of differing procedures.

By integrating a careful planning process that includes the entire healthcare team, designers can deliver safe, efficient spaces for patients and staff that are also flexible enough to anticipate the needs of surgical suites well into the future.

Our blog this month focusses on best practices for design and improved workflow in the OR.  Vice-President at Parkin, Brent Whiteley, presented his research and findings on this topic to Parkin staff at a recent Friday morning breakfast session.  We’ve shared this research in our current OR designs and in our August blog post.

To read more, please visit our current blog post “OR Design Best Practices for Improved Workflow”.

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