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Grand Opening of Cape Dorset High School

A grand opening ceremony for Cape Dorset High School was hosted on September 10, 2018. It was well attended by approximately 200 people (not including students). Dignitaries present included:

–  Honorable David Joanasie, Minister of Education
–  Mr. Eiryn Devereaux, Acting Deputy Minister, CGS
–  Mike Leduc, Director Safety Division, CGS
–  Mr. Timoon Toonoo, Mayor Cape Dorset
–  Barry Cornthwaite, Director, EDU
–  CGS Beverly Cousins, Director, CGS
–  Heather Moffett, Director, EDU
–  Sarah Leblanc, EDU
–  Adison Tsang, EDU
–  Travis Burke, CBC
–  Claude Constantineau, Chairman, DEA

There were 4 guest speakers including the minister who acknowledged the efforts of the Design Build Team, the quality of the design, the quality of workmanship, and the speed of delivery.

Our Design Build Team takes pride in having created another important northern facility.

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