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Gold Winner:  Kinngait Health Centre

Parkin is pleased to announce that Global Future Design Awards 2022 awarded Gold Award to Parkin’s Kinngait ( ᑭᙵᐃᑦ) (formerly known as Cape Dorset) Health Centre, situated on Dorset Island at the southern tip of Baffin Island in Nunavut. The location is rocky, exposed, and windswept. The literal translation of Kinngait from Inuktitut is “high mountain”, or “where the hills are”, statements that reflect the dramatic realities for this community of 1,400 inhabitants.

The facility’s sophisticated, contemporary design includes bright and cheery waiting rooms and h wonderful views to the outdoors. Large windows are provided where possible, allowing natural light to penetrate interior spaces.  Wall murals were selected from a local photographer to reflect the Kinngait environment and culture.

The exterior uses shapes and colours that reflect the rugged geology blending with the curvatures of the surrounding hills.  Simple, angular, roof lines meet the curved central “Knuckle”, accentuating the colour at the window panels that closely corelates with the community building culture.  The Kinngait Health Centre is one of the first in the eastern artic communities to provide a Mental Health Safe room environment, providing safety and comfort to those in need.

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Well done team!

Parkin Team

Robert Boraks

Kimberley Kennedy

Richard Huot

Cédric Du Montier

Ying Wang

John Kiley

German Olaya

Taraah DenBoer

Wesley Hupe

Gabriela Trindade

Madeleine Wylie

Danielle Lawson

Juste Fanou

Nadia Jarjis

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